Monday, May 20, 2019

Funning for Finals!

Quick post to share my headband for finals review.  It is slope-intercept form and the students identify the slope or y-intercept to lead them to their next problem.

It has been a long time since I've created something new so wanted to share in case you are looking for a nice quick essential review this week!

Get the directions and all my other headbands for free on my previous post here!

Enjoy the end of your year!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Taking Some Time for Yourself! Promo Code!

Hey!  It has been a long while since I've posted on here.  I have been focusing on my health and welfare as it had fallen sadly by the wayside.  I hope to share some classroom tidbits soon but wanted to update you as to why I've been scarce.

About a year ago, I had to start taking a new medicine but still, I did nothing to improve.  I was getting tired of the pictures that made me cringe.  I had come far in my years of weight loss and was getting close to putting it all back on.  Something had to give.  So in January, I dusted off and charged the old Fitbit One and got at it.  Prophetically, this came up in my facebook fed last week!

Quite a few work friends had it and we started doing competitions and all.  We were constantly moving and keeping each other in check.  It was a great motivator!  for the first time in 4 years since getting my Fitbit, I got 10,000 steps 7 days in a row!

Being a teacher, everyone is like, 'isn't it easy to get your steps' and truthfully, for about 6000 steps it is but after that, I had to work for it!  Everyday, I was steppin', in the hall, walking the 3 crazy furbabies after work, with Ann in the hallway before 7th!  Even the kids knew and supported.  After a couple of weeks, I felt so much better!  and Luigi even lost weight (the littlest)!

THEN comes Spring Break... and those first 6000 steps were not natural, so I dug out the ol' tennis shoes and started walking.  Then decided for motivation, I'd start doing some 5k's again.  My last 5k was in 2016 and I discovered the cost had risen significantly so Iooked into some online ones.  I found some great motivation and decided that I would do my first 5k in over 3 years virtually that Sunday!  I have always been a slow walker and the virtual races allowed me the freedom to comfortably walk without the pressure of being the last fat walker in the group.  That Sunday, I did it!

It was just the catalyst I needed to get back into walking.  So everyday I have done 2-4 miles of devoted walking.  I have been earning Virtual Medals and even did my first 10k! This medal I actually completed almost 50 miles as I felt the compulsion to do every distance on the medal *eye roll*.   Now I carefully order medals with that in mind. 😁

Last weekend, I completed my 3rd 10k and even managed to shave 2 minutes off my pace in the last 3 miles!  This was a race and they are awesome!  You can do them cumulatively over time and they even have tidbits and Google images along the way. 

Even my husband, Jon completed one!  He loved it and now is starting his trek with Bigfoot.

If you are interested in Virtual Races, I'm going to link some great sites below!

Use the code yGDchvKG and you can save $5 off your first race with!!

And join their facebook group as it is excellent motivation!  Other great groups and clubs that are excellent are:
They have sales and discount codes almost all the time so make sure you look around for one or message me and I can let you know! And shipping is free!  I got a bunch of their clearance medals as motivation. I like the Bling!

Speaking of bling, another great site with medals for only $10 including shipping and processing is:

Gorgeous medals and even Harry Potter themed series are available at:

Yesterday, I actually hit 85 days of getting my step goal!  Unfortunately I had hurt my foot and it needed rest so I biked (which was safe to do).  Let me assure you, biking 4,000 steps is every bit as hard as walking them!

My last doctor appointment, mu numbers were the best they have been in years!  I know being healthier is making me a better teacher too!  So often, we do not take the time to focus on ourselves.  We get busy, grading, planing, data dis-aggregating and ourselves get beat down and tired.  

No matter what you are doing right now, what test you are prepping for, what meeting you have, take a moment and just walk a lap around your school or short break leaning back in your chair.  Focus on yourself for a few minutes and it will help not only you but your whole life.  



Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Equations and Systems Math Lib

Quick post to share my equation writing Math Lib!


I had one day to spare before we started working on our semester review and decided to put together more writing equations and systems from word problems practice.  My students have become pro's at solving the systems word problems and just need more practice on writing the equations themselves.

I of course, had to make it themed but didn't go with just one this time.... I went all over the board.  How will our tale turn out?  Who did what where and with whom?

The solution and story is theirs to discover.  There are 10 problems total.  I've printed the questions in color to hang around the room or hallway and given each pair or student the Math Lib Sheet to fill in.  There really is not any work to show but there is a correct 'story'.

Students will answer the scenario with the equation or system that works them put that bolded answer in the designated blank.

There are 4 equations and 6 systems problems to write.  They would be appropriate for Algebra and beyond.

You can download both my Word and PDF versions here for FREE.  The font I used is KG Payphone and you may download it for FREE here at


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Star Wars Systems 2

Previously, I created a systems of Equations Warm-Up/Exit activity that was 17 years in the making!  I'm "that teacher" when it comes to goofiness so this was right up my alley.  Read about and get it for FREE here!  I also have links for the fonts.  This year, I created a new one and wanted to share in this quick post!

I have both the Word and PDF for you for FREE!  I set this one up a little different as I wanted them to practice using the calculator to find the intersection points so the points are not exact.  I also have the first equations for them on the first problem to do some guided practice.  

I'm also working on one where they draw the light sabers!!  I'll keep you posted.


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Generic Escape Room Template!

Previously, I had posted about trying to create an escape room!  You can read about it here.  It was very overwhelming and I usually end up going way overboard and making things more complicated than necessary.  My first escape room was actually not the case but creating an interactive 'escape box' was not simple.  When I went to use it this year, I of course had to 'fancy' it up!

Last summer, I spent some time getting to try out and develop escape rooms.  This year, when redesigning, I found it simpler and discovered I could make a generic one to share with my Systems Maps.  

I was blessed with a Breakout EDU kit through Donors Choose but you can do it without!

All you need is (some items have examples pictured):
-Some problems to solve or questions to answer!  
-2 locks with changeable combinations (so you can set them to my answers)
       -1 3-digit combination lock
       -1 4-digit combination lock 

-a hasp (to use the 2 locks to secure the treasure)
-a lockable box (I chose one big enough to put 'treasure' in 
        Dollar Stores have lockable tool boxes you could easily use

- I created QR codes for the students to receive when they solved/answered their problem to get the clue so you will need a QR code reader for this.  You could also just print the clues but I wanted to integrate some technology into our Scavenger Hunt Escape Box!  I also wanted a little something extra instead of just handing them a number to the combination.
-treasures 😏

Basically, I am doing my Systems activity I linked earlier but each time they come back, they get a QR code now.  

It will link them to clues that provide numbers.  The numbers will be arranged or used to find the combination for each lock.  The 4th clue for each lock will be how to arrange the previous 3 clues.

I named them small and large lock because I was using these locks from my Breakout EDU kit.  You could label each one if yours are the same.

There are 8 clues but you could easily adapt it to less, just give multiple clues to some groups.

I also made a class sheet for them to keep track of their clues on, also, if it lasted longer than a class period, I had the info so they could pick up where they left off.

We will be 'escaping' the last week of November and I will update you further.  

These clues will remain in place as long as I have this Google account so you may have your kids use them.  REMEMBER.... if you copy them it will change all the QR Codes so you will need to recreate everything (I think!)

Everything you need to escape any assignment can be found here for FREE!!  


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sphero-ing Our Way Around the Coordinate Grid

If you have previously read my blog, you know I usually go overboard!  I usually end up creating something extravagant or if I get a new manipulative, I try to work it in everywhere.  This summer and school year, I was awarded several grants and as a result, I had to caution myself to not go so overboard that I overwhelmed myself and my class.  Enter this quick post about using Sphero to find slope!

The WS is somewhat simplistic and the robotics integration is really more engaging than intense but it was a different way to find slope form 2 points.  As many students as wanted to were able to drive a Sphero on the coordinate grid I taped onto the floor.  I would then tell them to name the coordinates from two Spheros to put on their WS.

I displayed the WS on the board so they could copy down if they were 'busy' driving.  After a few problems, I changed one axis too.  You might want to be cautious if you make negative points dominant for differentiation.

On a couple of problems, I also changed the scales and made each tick 2 or 1/2.  You could really do anything you wanted!   

This was just how we practiced slope from 2 points.  I also had problems on the back to write the equations but we had not reviewed that skill yet.... I had a lot of Professional Development this month!

While this was not an intense integration, it was effective and engaging which is always a desirable outcome!  

Get the WS here for FREE!  The font I used for the title was A Little Sunchine and you can download it here for FREE!


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Earning the Grade for X and Y Intercepts

Several years ago I attended a session from a teacher in Clear Creek ISD named Ms. Brumbelow.  She presented an activity where the students went around the room to solve problems but each one had a point value that they earned.  The points were based on difficulty.

I liked the idea of differing points and the opportunity to complete what 'you want to do'.  Personalized, individual learning nicely wrapped up in a classroom activity.

First, I gave some basic intercepts notes.  My students have previously learned intercepts so no more than a review was necessary.  I used this foldable from Math by the Mountain on Teachers pay Teachers.

It was perfect.  I loved how concise it was yet covering everything necessary!  I'm a firm believer in using what I can find.  This foldable was well worth the money!

For the assignment we did the Around the Room/Pick Your Points Assignment.  I do not have a creative name for this so all suggestions are welcome! 

Students receive an answer sheet that is not numbered as I do not want them influenced in any way of what problems to pick.

I then have all the problems hanging around the room and in the hallway.  Students have complete freedom to answer whichever questions they want to get up to a hundred points.  i recommend they do extras in case they get one wrong.  Below is a selection of points included the hardest 30 point question!

In case you are curious, majority of these problems are taken from the released STAAR Tests (Texas Standardized Test).  

I have it in both Word and PDF for you.  And of course... I do not just have generic fonts!  You can get the title font, KG Girl on Fire, for Free here at