Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sorting Hat Slope-Intercept

Annnnnnddddd... of course I could not just use something I already had right? Annnnnnddddd... of course I had to theme it with our Homecoming Week dress up day....

This is handwritten and eventually I will try and get it typed up but wanted to share in case you were wanting a unique practice opportunity to convert to slope-intercept from different forms. I was trying to create a review for a major grade we were starting the next day.

Since Hogwarts has 4 houses, of course, I had to make 4 versions (hence the handwritten versions... for now).

Even students who do not know Harry Potter, enjoyed the activity as I explained a little about the process and each house. It was really cute seeing all their reactions to what house they got in.

They only end up doing 6 problems so it can be quick but some rich review problems. I mix them up as I pass out so do not know who gets which destiny. For my online classes, I assigned all 4 versions separately to particular groups.

I will reupload when I get them typed up but I hope you enjoy finding your wizarding destiny!

As always, please let me know if you find any mistakes so I may correct as I am creating the typed versions.



Linear Graphing is Among Us!

This year has been crazy and I will not take the time here to discuss all the changes and challenges. I just wanted to let you all know why I have not posted earlier. The time to create has been non-existent, the motivation and creativity, zapped... but this week I feel like I've got a flow and as a result, did some creating!

Working on linear equations, I decided my tried and true Zombie themed assignment was just not what I wanted to do this year as I wanted fewer problems and I also like to use our standardized test coordinate planes.

A result of this is.... 

Among Us Impostor Search!

This is based on a new computer/app that students are playing. I learned this from my son who has informed me of all the ins and outs. Basically, everyone is a character and you are trying to seek out and identify the 'Impostors'.  

The equations are a variety of forms but it is editable!

A short but sweet post. Hope you enjoy! And please let me know if you find any mistakes or areas that need correction.

Get the resource here for FREE in Word! 

and here in PDF!



Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Laughter is Sometime's the Best Medicine- Ozobots Mad Dash.... for Toilet Paper?

I would like to start this post saying, I completely respect the gravity of our current tumultuous situation in the world but for many, laughter is the best medicine and it had lifted me through these dreary times.

As a result, I present to you, Ozobot's Mad Dash.... for toilet paper. Out of necessity for sanity and debilitating boredom, I sat down and developed an Ozobot lesson to hopefully bring some smiles to faces.

I take my toilet paper very seriously, I get a case very year for Christmas so this activity was right up my alley! Everyone who knows me, including my students, know that I get this and treasure it every year. I do not believe I have ever been so grateful as right now.

This activity uses Ozoblockly, angle measurement, distance/measurement, set parameters, limitations, etc. It covers a lot of concepts and can easily be adapted to any subject. material, story, concept, etc. Sky's the Limit! 

This is adapted from another, shorter (perhaps easier) activity I have created called, Hermione's Hairjinks. You may get it here for FREE!

In both activities, I have included both a WS and Teacher File to project.

Get Ozobot's Mad Dash on the Ozobot Classroom site for FREE here!

I have not referenced a particular virus in the activity, it can easily be adapted to germs or fires, or anything you want. I do not in any way want you to feel that I am being insensitive or am trying to minimize the impact, sometimes, we just need a laugh or smile or bit of levity right now, more than ever.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Hermione's Hairjinks!

Before we left for Spring Break which turned into a pandemic, I was working on an Ozobot lesson for our Geometry Unit. 

I also wanted to integrate some Ozoblockly work so came up with a new Harry Potter themed activity... Hermione's Hairjinks! 

-Hermione has just gotten an interview at the Ministry of Magic! She’s super excited and incredibly nervous. As we all know, Hermione has spent years battling her bushy brown hair and wants it to be nice and sleek for her interview (first impressions are important). She has cleverly written a spell to charm her hair, called Kinkajuice, for the interview but needs all of you to help her get the items while she studies diligently for the interview.

-Kinkajuice ingredients are:
1 bristle from a Bristly Bobbing Brush
3 spores from a Detangler Tree
4 sprays from a can of Super Slick Slippery Serum

-Your mission is to leave the Gryffindor Dorm and get all the items then meet Hermione in the Potions Dungeon!

-You can find the items in any order but don’t cross Hermione in the Dungeon because you know she will freak out if you do and do not have them all. She is so anxious about her interview every second is carefully planned!

-Code Ozobot with color code or Ozoblockly depending on your teacher’s directions. 

Students will have to measure angles, distance, convert measurement, code with set parameters, etc. 

Lot's of individualized learning! I will update with student photos and experiences later!

Get the lesson including a sample from Ozobot Classroom for FREE here!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Harry's Horcrux Ozobot Challenge!

So... I will admit, until last year, I had never read or seen a Harry Potter anything! My New Year's Resolution was to read at least one book as I did not want to force myself to read more if I did not enjoy it. I. DRANK. THE. KOOLAID.

I am a Potterhead!

I took it to the classroom..... 

And in a number of assignments which you can read about and get FOR FREE at the links below:

And now I'm taking it to Ozobot!

Ozobot adventures allow for a lot of logic, order of operations, troubleshooting, and so much more! All fundamental skills in math, science, English, school, work,..... life!

Ozobot's are an excellent tool for students of all ages! 

Get the Activity for FREE on Ozobot classroom here!

And for all of you Dobby fans, here is a printable sock ;-)


Monday, March 2, 2020

Expo FUN! Exponential Function Graphing with Harry and the Horcrux

I often ask myself, why can't I just use what I have? Because I'm a 'puppy at the park' according to Girl's Who Code author Reshma Saujani. I get soooo excited over something new and especially when it can be themed.

Enter Harry's Horcrux Quandary!

I needed a Exponential Functions Graphing Activity and always love when there is instant assessment. Graph across the Horcrux, Harry Finds it! Get my notes and PPT here for free.

I just couldn't resist. I love the graph across a picture assignments so students know immediately if they did it correctly. 

There are 5 problems with no transformations as that what out standards expect. But you can edit to fit your needs. I always provide the PDF and Word document. 

I also included my editable word document with the graph template in case you need to adjust.

The font I used is Harry P and available for FREE on here!

Download all me resources for FREE HERE!

Hope you can help Harry find the remaining Horcrux!


Monday, February 17, 2020

Quick Quadratics Warm-Ups

This is a few warm-ups for when you just don't have enough time for a whole WS! 

I previously covered the attributes warm-up on another post but wanted to include it again here as I have all 3 on the same students ready PowerPoint. Depending on how they turn it, it can be positive or negative!

The following is just identifying solutions and all the ways it could be written/listed. Makes for some great discussion. I have them all complete one and hang it on the board for a class visual check. There are a total of 24 problems and a direction sheet for you as well!

Here is an idea of what it looks like in the room. One of my favorite things go right moments ever!

I then noticed that a lot of my students would only recognize solutions when they crossed at integer solutions so I created the following warm-up where they need to graph then identify attributes. For the non-integer solutions, it still works because they are just circling where it is.

I have a pretty detailed slide to display when students are coming in to clearly show my expectations. 

Get all these resources for free HERE!!

Hope you enjoy!