Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Puzzle Pizzazz: Volume 1

So.... when I do something from an existing idea, I usually go a little overboard.  OK, so I usually go A LOT overboard spending extra hours and trips to the copy machine to make it perfectly formatted.  This happened last night.  The ever inspiring Sarah Carter posts her weekly puzzle table puzzles and I usually spend hours recreating them to post in my room or the hallway.  I do not have extra space so all of mine must be displayed vertically.

Last Friday, Mrs. Carter posted this blog entry:

As I'm sitting in my dentists office anxiously awaiting the fixing of my 48 hour old temporary crown, I repeatedly browse Twitter to take my mind off the horrors of a doctor office visit.  Then BAMM!  @mathequalslove posts her Five Things Friday blog link.  I immediately sigh knowing this blog post will likely lead to a late night in the upcoming week while I need to create at least 50 million things from her brilliance!  Seriously though, I do not know how I would be any sort of a creative teacher without Mrs. Carter.  My undying gratitude to her for being so creative and sharing!  

Luckily, Five Things Friday only had 1 thing that was a printable activity I needed!!!  Woohoo!  My husband and furbabies might get to see me next week.  😊

And then I made the mistake of continuing to scroll.... dang doctor anxiety!  And found her Puzzle Table Post below:

Guess Jon and the fur boys can handle a late night or 12 this week?!?!  The one that intrigued me was the Double Letter Puzzles shown below.

I'm thinking it stood out because I did not figure it out in my dentist fear soaked brain.  And then I saw her statement....

"They keep insisting that it must be an obscure math or science word despite my reminding them daily that it is an everyday word."

Challenge accepted Mrs. Carter's students!  I present a series of Double Letter Puzzles with math terms.  Please do not post the answers but feel free to email me at if you have questions about the solutions.

I've created 6 puzzles, all saved in Word and PDF.  I am a font junkie so I used one of my faves on the puzzles.  You can get the Cheri font here for FREE!

Some might be pretty obvious but I also knew what I was using.  I'm all about having kids use math vocabulary. 

This might not be perfect or the exact idea/concept of the puzzle designer but I like the idea of math terms and challenging students to think logically.

But 10 minutes later.... this happened!

Download all 6 of my puzzles here for FREE.

So I again spent a late night creating goodies and running between the printer, my classroom, and the laminator.  If I had a nickel for every hour Sarah Carter has cost me.... 💗💗💗😊😊😉😉


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